Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Hello this is Taylor and I have a blog called taylor taylor taylor taylor TAYLOR where I post my artwork and other things that I like. You can look at it out if you want

Here is a free sample:

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Monday, December 21, 2009

Last Day of Class

We ate cupcakes, had a final critique, and silk-screened our class shirts with lots of help from Brian.

Our shirt, featuring self-portraits by everyone in class. It came out awesome.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Andrea Vandermolen

Hi, everybody! These are a few of the pieces I entered in the Scholastic Art Awards this year. All the drawings are either charcoal or graphite and the paintings are all in acrylic paint.

This is a self-portrait I did over the summer in acrylic paint. I glued down small pieces of lined paper on to a wooden board and then painted on top of it.

This drawing is pretty faint in the photo, but it's of a dancer of from the Oregon Ballet Theater. The Oregon Ballet Theater allows some high school art classes to sketch and photograph the dancers while they practice so my art class went last year.

This is a painting I did of my younger sister and our cat for my AP Studio Art class.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Courtney Carter

Hello! I'm Courtney. My post is a little late because I am a notorious procrastinator. Sorry!

This is an artichoke flower that I did in my AP Studio Art class. It's drawn with Sharpie pens of varying thickness.

I know it doesn't really look like it, but this is a was once a paper bag. I burned the edges (note to self, matches and paper in the house don't mix well), and I ran it over with my car a couple of times in hopes of getting some tire marks. No dice. The assignment was to give our view on society or something of that nature. I was hoping to reference the chaos and destruction of society. I did this one with graphite drawing pencils.

This is a negative space study using the vines of roses. Also in Sharpie.

This is just a close-up detail shot of a drawing I did of three seashells. I used this part because the starfish is the only part of that piece that I liked.

This is a still life that I did on my first day of AP Studio. It is not finished which explains the lack of subject.

This is a piece that is also completely Sharpie. I entered it in the George Fox contest as well as the Scholastic Competition.

And finally, mostly just to add some color to my post, this is a pastel drawing that I did in my sophomore year.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Kyla Blomquist

Hey Everyone, I'm Kyla! My post is a little late, but luckily I saw Taylor's lovely drawings and got reminded that I hadn't done mine yet. Here it is! This is an acorn squash I drew for AP Studio Art. I also entered it in the Scholastic Art Awards....yikes. I named it Cinderella, because it pretty much resembles a pumpkin, and it has a fairy tale like quality to it.

This is my "paper bag" drawing. It started out as a KFC takeout bag that i tore, cut, twisted, and put a sharp stake through (to create a stand for it) and drew it. I made it to represent "Humanity" in that it looks like a man and a tree, both that are twisted and contorted.

This is a seashell drawing I did..

This is the first piece I did of the year. It's done from a miscellaneous still life.
The end!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Taylor Bancroft

My name is Taylor. These are three of my drawings that I have done over the last year.

The first one is of a man who was interviewed for a documentry about the font helvetica. the film was called Helvetica. I did the drawing on a sheet of computer paper with a ballpoint pen.

The second drawing is of Regina Spektor who is a musical artist. I used a ballpoint pen with this one too.

The last one was done with ballpoint pen. It is of a man in Asia. The original picture was in a 1977 copy of national geographic and this guy had just won a competition where you had to catch a duck. The hand he has extended over his head was actually holding the duck that he caught. That's all.